Omni now offers an Instructor Development Course (IDC) to become a Canada Safety Council certified Defensive Driving Course and/or Professional Driver Improvement Course instructor.

Course content

You can be certified to teach the Defensive Driving Course (DDC) to co-workers and the general by successfully completing an Instructor Development Course (IDC) prior to delivering the DDC.

The Instructor Development Course

This is a complete program designed so you will be able to:

  • Prepare and deliver with confidence short impromptu presentations (5 minutes) using visual aids,such as: Powerpoint / videos, whiteboards or flipcharts

  • Plan, prepare and deliver with confidence planned lessons ( up to 30 minutes) based on actual Driver Improvement Program (DIP) lessons using visual aids.

  • Promote participation among persons who attend your course, and dealeffectively with negative or unresponsive listeners.

  • Become familiar with the course materials and administrative requirements of the DIP course for which you will be an instructor.

Support material

The Instructor Kit includes:

  • Instructor Manual with binder;

  • PowerPoint presentations on CD / DVD;

  • Set of five 10 minute videos on DVD; and

  • Posters and pamphlets.

Students receive:

  • A comprehensive 66-page Student Manual which consolidates course content and provides interactive exercises; and

  • A graduation card and certificate.

This is a rewarding way for outgoing people with a passion for road safety to pass valuable driving information to other road users to help prevent collision everywhere while earning some extra money.

for more information contact  Dave

Become a Defensive Driving Instructor

Omni Driver Development Inc, Lunenburg, NS, Canada    902 521-8843

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